Twigroot Gardens

Our Gardens

Twigroot Gardens are located in the remote and pristine northern gulf islands in BC, Canada, where we hand tend to our skin loving plant medicines year round. We use biodynamic principles and sustainable harvesting practices to ensure we are providing an abundance of nectar for bees and pollinators, and that the botanicals we use are of the highest energetic vibration.

Polyculture & Biodiversity

At Twigroot Gardens, we are surrounded by a wilderness of forest, lakes and oceans, and the flora & fauna that inhabit them. Biodiversity and respect for nature is at the root of our philosophy. We choose to cultivate our botanicals in rhythm with the heart of our unique ecological environment, helping to support habitat for a diverse range of pollinators.

Our gardens are 100% organic

Our Promise

At Twigroot Gardens we never use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or chemically treated substances on the land or structures. We gather, compost and layer organic matter on our cultivated areas, being sure to use even natural fertilizers sparingly to protect our lakes and oceans.