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Artemis Facial Serum 30ml-Organic

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Mugwort, Clary & Rose

A curated blend of Organic Heirloom Bulgarian Rose, Clary Sage and Artemesia Vulgaris(Mugwort) smoothes and brightens skin and elevates the spirit with its magical aromatherapeutic qualities.

Smoothing, toning and brightening skin, this rose forward delight is a simple daily treatment for sensitive skin.

Apply to clean skin before applying day or night cream or use as a stand alone moisturizer. 

Artemis can also be useful for PMS or Menopause symptoms with its hormone balancing qualities.

Any skin

Key ingredients:

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil has the ability to deeply nourish and moisturize skin. It promotes healing, helping to fade age spots and scars as well as protect the skin from blemishes. Rich in Omega fatty acids, it provides an occlusive barrier to help retain moisture.

Organic Mugwort extract

Our slow-infused Mugwort extracts are used to support acne-prone and sensitive skin. Mugwort is naturally calming and relaxing, promoting an overall smooth tone to facial skin. This powerful ingredient helps protect from free radical damage and helps provide anti-bacterial protection

Organic Clary Sage extract

Our clary sage extracts are skillfully infused into cold pressed oils for use in our serums and apothecary creations. Clary contains a powerful compound that works to reduce skin inflammation and helps soothe skin. It is also considered a powerful medicine in regulating hormones and supporting overall female health. 

Organic Rose Absolute

Rose contains antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes skin, minimizes pores and acts as an astringent. When added to a formula, its fragrance has its own special healing powers and aromatherapeutic effects

Organic MCT Coconut oil

MCT Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids and is naturally rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It's a lightweight, nourishing emollient that provides moisture and conditioning to the skin.

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